Transition to School

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Enrich Children’s Learning

Our aim for the Transition to School group is to ensure a smooth and successful transition into the school environment for our children and families. We aim to enrich children’s knowledge, challenge their thinking, empowering their capabilities for their next educational journey.

Our passionate, dedicated teachers help your child become familiar with experiences they’ll have at school. They support children during mat time routines, help them relate to others, to take turns and manage working in a group successfully.

“Puketapu Preschool is the natural gateway for children who go on to enrol at Puketapu Primary School. The close relationship between the preschool and the primary school is a strength that enables the children to transition in a smooth and seamless manner. Children who have attended the preschool rarely have difficulty in our new entrant room or larger school environment. They come to school prepared to learn and are able and ready to participate in the full range of activities. Children are always engaged and are confident communicators with each other as well as adults. The staff are skilled and respond well to the individual need of each child. Parents are supportive, children feel secure and the staff deliver exciting and varied programmes”.
Chris Fox, Principal Puketapu School
“As the new entrant teacher at Puketapu School I find that the children who come from the preschool, transition to school seamlessly.  The preschool bring the children over every Thursday  for visits, the term before they start school. This allows them to be familiar with the classroom, myself,  routines  and the wider school.  I also take my class back to visit the preschool on a Wednesday to buddy read and this also helps to strengthen relationships with children about to start and those that have started school.
The children that come from the preschool are well prepared for school. The teachers do an amazing job through play preparing the children both physically and emotionally for school readiness.  They run an exceptional programme through play that promotes fine and gross motor skills necessary for tasks such as holding a pencil when the child is ready for this at school.  It is an absolute delight to visit and to see young children learning through play, supported by caring staff that foster their interests.
Puketapu Preschool staff do an excellent job of preparing children for school and  I would be happy to recommend the preschool to any prospective parents.”
Kim Lines, New Entrant Teacher Puketapu School (Dec 2020)

The programme is offered to children who are soon embarking on their new school journey at Puketapu School.

Every Wednesday morning the Puketapu School new entrant class and teacher visit the preschool and read to the children.

Every Thursday morning these children have an opportunity to become orientated with important areas in the school and spend time in the new entrance classroom engaging in part of the daily school programme and learning activities. This process provides the children with a strong sense of belonging when they start school and is very successful.

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