Enrolment Criteria

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Puketapu Preschool Waiting List and Zoning Policy 

Puketapu Preschool’s enrolment and admissions procedures are fair and equitable, so we can ensure that the centre is accessible to as many children and their families as possible in our community and the wider community.

  • The Head Teacher is responsible for managing the waiting list and the admission of children to Puketapu Preschool
  • This will be administered in a fair, equitable and consistent manor
  • At times extenuating circumstances may arise and children will be admitted differently, using the Head Teachers discretion.

The Order of priority  in which children will be offered places at Puketapu Preschool is as follows

  • First Priority: Siblings of children currently attending Puketapu Preschool or siblings of children who previously attended Puketapu Preschool
  • Second Priority: Children living in the Puketapu area
  • Third Priority: Children living outside of the Puketapu area

Within the given priority group children will be offered places based on their age, eldest first, rather than the date they were added to the waiting list.

The preschool roll is restricted to five 2 year olds per session.

When a space becomes available the Head Teacher will contact you and discuss available days. When the vacancy has been verbally accepted, enrolment forms will be given for the family to complete. If the place is turned down the child will remain on the waiting list unless otherwise requested by the parent.

The “Puketapu area” is defined as the area within the Puketapu School zone as found on their website

Note that attending Puketapu Preschool does not guarantee a child a place at Puketapu School. Puketapu School reserves the right to enforce its zone for out of zone children if required.