Enrolment Criteria

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Puketapu Preschool Waiting List and Zoning Policy 

  • Children deemed to be in zone will be offered placement at Preschool based on age rather than date added to the waiting list. For example a 3.5 year old who has recently moved to the area will be offered a place before a 2.5 year old who has been on the waiting list for some time.
  • Children living outside the zone will be deemed in zone as long as they have a sibling (living at the same address) currently attending Puketapu School or Puketapu Preschool.
  • Proof of residence within the zone or proof of sibling enrolment acceptance at Puketapu School may also be required.
  • Children currently attending the Preschool will be offered days as they become available based on the following:
    2 years old – 2 days 
    3 years old– 3 days 
    4 years old – 4 days +
  • Days will be offered to in zone children on the waiting list after the above criteria have been met.
  • If there are no children aged over 2 on the waiting list who are in the zone, additional days be offered to children currently attending before offering days to children out of zone.
  • Sessions can only be offered once they are available. Please refer to the Puketapu School website for clarification of our zoning.