Our Philosophy

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Explore, Learn, Grow

Puketapu Preschool is a place where we believe that children need room to move, explore and grow at their own pace. In partnership with parents, we foster the child’s desire and ability to succeed today, tomorrow and in the future. We provide quality education and care and we value our unique rural community.

Our trained and professional teachers have a passion for children’s education and recognise that all children are unique. We tailor our well-resourced programme to suit each child’s strengths, interests and emerging skills whilst maintaining a high level of trust and fun. We value diversity and support a bi-cultural environment where opinions and contributions of all family, whanau and staff are encouraged.

Our passionate teachers work alongside the children to support and extend their learning and development through child-initiated play and mat time. We believe learning of this kind encourages curiosity, discovery and problem solving which allows individual growth and development.

Empowerment, family & community, holistic development and relationships